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New computational and visualization server installed in December 2009!

The server consists of 4 nodes, each with Quad-Core Xeon, two graphical Nvidia processors and Infiniband (QDR) as communication layer. Specialized software enables application development and execution. The main purpose of the system is research in the field of heterogeneous computations with visualization on-line.

First in the Department of Computer Science high performance workstation and computational server with Intel Nehalem quadcore Core i7 processor installed in June 2009! Additionally equipped with two GeForce 9800GT graphical processors.

It has been lent by Intel Polska and Action - Polish Computer Company.

Its main purpose is research on global illumination algorithms and on simulation and visualization algorithms.



Since July, 1-th 2007 we own a tape library ATL7100 and a Optical Jukebox HP 660ex, supported by HP N-class server.

Together with the existing tape library ATL4/52, HP D-class server and HSM Software (DiskXtender and Castor) it defines unique experimental facility and offers unprecedented opportunity for students !

Our Working Horse

For simulation experiments and for proof-of-concept in mathematical modelling we use our HP DL585 server with 4 two-core AMD Opteron processors running at 1.8GHz with large 20GB RAM memory.