Current Projects

  • ISMOP (Computer system for monitoring river embankments). Research and development of data storage, processing and visualization in a smart levee monitoring and flood decision support system.

Past Projects

  • PaaSage (Model-based Cloud Platform Upperware). Research regarding execution of scientific workflows as model-based multi-cloud applications.
  • PLGrid (Polish Infrastructure for Supporting Computational Science in the European Research Space). Development and deployment of the HyperFlow service for execution of scientific workflows in the PLGrid infrastructure.
  • UrbanFlood (An Internet based service platform for early warning systems validated for flooding). Research and development of a computer system for monitoring of smart levees in urban areas, so called Common Information Space.
  • ViroLab (Virtual Laboratory for Infectious Diseases). Research and development concerning provenance data for in-silico experiments.
  • CoreGRID Network of Excellence. Research and development on execution of legacy codes in Grid computing infrastructures.
  • K-WfGrid (Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications). Research and development regarding performance monitoring of scientific workflows.
  • CrossGrid (Development of Grid environment for interactive applications). Research and development concerning monitoring of parallel Grid applications.


  • HyperFlow: a lightweight scientific workflow execution engine.

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